The Gift of Connecting...

This is a strange time - not only have we been given a crisis to deal with, but surprisingly, also an unexpected opportunity to better connect with people in a deep and meaningful way. 

I’ve been on video calls where I’ve met cats and dogs that people were so proud to show off.

I’ve seen mom’s and dad’s with kids popping out of nowhere waving their hands in background.

I’ve seen people with tattoos I would never have imagined.

And I've even experienced someone living through an earthquake of all things.

I’ve seen wedding photos on the walls, the trophies, the certificates, the things people are most proud of in their lives. 

My point being that for years I’ve been challenged about this thing called "work/life" balance.  I thought it meant that you had to draw a line between work and personal life - that the two aren’t compatible, and that you have to separate them.  I’m starting to doubt that.  Maybe the two things are complementary, not in opposition. 

I’ve been given the gift of being a part of people’s lives from executives to front line supervisors. 

What I’ve learned is that we’re all the same - we all have the same challenges in life and work - but that we’re all in this together. 

You don’t invite strangers everyday into your house - you invite friends and family; knowing that brings comfort. 

Everything will be alright – yes, we will be alright!


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